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With the simple click of a button, you can send a fax anywhere in the world right from your iPhone or iPad. Don't worry about being near a fax machine ever again, download the Fax App today and fax anybody, anytime, anywhere!

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The quickest and easiest way to send a fax on the go

Instantly take a photo and upload it, or import a document from a specific source (Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, etc.) Within seconds you can create and fax important documents without needing an expensive fax machine.


Send faxes like a pro

Feel the power of a fax machine right at your fingertips. Upload and send multiple types of documents to over 150 countries in the world. Send a fax in a variety of formats, including a PDF, JPG, TIFF, DOC, and PNG.


Track all your faxes from one device

No more constant troubleshooting or wondering if your fax was actually sent. You can organize and track where you send your faxes with ease. See the status of every sent fax and make sure it reaches its destination.

Fax App in Action

Take a look at how fast and simple it is to send faxes right from your mobile device.

Enter the fax number

Are you ready to send your fax? Once you download open the Fax App, the first screen you will see will ask you to enter the fax number of where you will be sending the fax. Make sure the number and location is accurate before you go to the next step.

Choose the source of your fax

After you enter your fax number you will be able to choose the source of your document. You select to create a cover page, take a photo with your iOS camera, upload a photo from your camera roll, or import from outside cloud drive.

Attach the document images you want to send

With the Fax App you can conveniently choose to send multiple faxes at one time. After you choose your source, you simply attach the image and you're ready to send your fax. It's never been this easy to fax important documents without needing a fax machine!

Buy credits as you go and confirm before you send

With the Fax App, you can send more faxes around the world by purchasing more fax credits. You can choose to buy as you go or load up with different credit packages. After you've purchased your credits you can review the document and fax number to make sure it's right and send away!

Track status of faxes and view history

One of the best features about the Fax App is that after every sent fax you can track the status to make sure it's been received and you can organize the history of your faxes. Say goodbye to the days of wondering if the fax even went through or losing a fax number. Easily track and view past information all from your mobile device.

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